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4.1 Implementation strategy provides clear roadmap for execution.

Implementation strategy is not specified.
Implementation Strategy exists but covers only some aspects of
implementation. (e.g. delivery mechanisms and hardware /software
Implementation Strategy is clear and includes key aspects of
implementation like hardware, software requirements, training
manuals and learner guides.
Very good
Implementation Strategy provides all the key elements, including
suggested resource allocation and timelines, checklists and trouble-
shooting tips.
Implementation Strategy provides a step-by-step road map for
effective implementation that is complete in all respects.

4.2 Instructional manuals are self-explanatory, applicable and usable.

1. Poor : Instructional manuals are not provided.
2. Average : Some instructional manuals are provided but are sketchy and
inadequate and not readily usable.
3. Good : Instructional manuals are reasonably detailed, but not self-
4. Very good : Instructional manuals are self explanatory, applicable and usable.
5. Excellent : Instructional manuals are self-explanatory, applicable, usable,
anticipate most user queries and provide “frequently asked questions”
type of guidelines and help.

4.3 Timelines for implementation are appropriate and realistic.

1. Poor
: Timelines for implementation are not indicated. (users/implementers
get no clue about how long it would take to implement the learning
2. Average
: Timelines though indicated, do not appear to consider
implementation issues in an appropriate and realistic manner.
3. Good
: Timelines appear appropriately indicated and to some extent,
realistic. (Many implementation issues are anticipated.)
4. Very good
: Timelines appear appropriate and realistic and indicate that all
implementation issues have been identified and addressed.
5. Excellent
: Timelines are appropriate and realistic and are supplemented by an
implementation schedule to help the actual process of

4.4 Appropriate structure and resources are in place for implementation.

Poor : Resources have not been allocated and Structure is not put in place
for implementation.
Average : Resources allocated and Structure put in place for implementation,
are inadequate.
Good : Resources have been allocated to a considerable extent and
Structure has many elements in place.
Very good : Resources allocated are adequate and Structure has all elements in
place for good implementation.
Excellent : Resource allocation and Structure put in place are exemplary,
reflecting a conductive / enabling learning environment.
4.5 Facilitators are empowered for implementation.
Poor : No attempt to empower Facilitators for implementation is observed.
(Facilitators not identified or trained).
Average : Limited attempts to empower Facilitators for implementation are
observed. (Facilitators identified, but no training provided to them.)
Good : Facilitators are identified and some basic training is provided to
them, though not adequate for implementation.
  1. Very good : Facilitators are identified and are well trained for implementation.
  1. Excellent : Facilitators are well selected, trained and motivated for achieving the

maximum benefit from the MLM.

4.6 Learners are adequately oriented.

1. Poor
: No attempt at orienting learners is observed.
2. Average
: Learners are given a broad idea of what to expect, but are not
given proper orientation.
3. Good
: Learners are well briefed about what to expect and how to
approach the MLM.
4. Very good
: Learners are well oriented; know how to go about the MLM and all
applicable supplementary material is in place.
5. Excellent
: Apart from being well-oriented, Learners have been enthused and
motivated to explore the MLM and derive the maximum benefit
from the MLM.
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