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1. The System Unit and the Chip
2. Computer Software
3.To Start and Quit a Program
4.Saving a File
5.Printing a File
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The System Unit and the Chip

The system unit has a hardware inside it that processed the data.
If you opened the computer you would see chips.
A chip is a small electronic device.

Computers have two kinds of chips:
Memory Chips Processing Chips
RAM stands for Random Access Memory
stores the data and programs while

you work on the computer.
Most electronic devices have memory.

The processor is one type of chip.

The processor is the "brains" of every computer.
The processor is also called CPU.
CPU stands for central processing unit
it does all the processing.

Computer Software

What is a Software

Software contains the instructions that tell the computer what to do.
Software is also called programs.

Types of Software

There are two main types of software:

1.System Software

It is the operating system.
Operating system is what runs the computer.

Operating system is the boss of all the software:

  • It tells the computer which data to process first.
  • It determines the order of jobs for the printer.
  • It keeps things moving.
  • It controls all the input and output devices.
  • It makes sure the computer's work is getting done.
All computers use an operating system.
Examples of operating system:
  • Windows operating system.
  • Mac operating system.

2.Application Software

It is a program that does a specific job.

Example of Application software:

  • Word processor.
  • Paint programs.
  • Presentation programs.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Databases.

Note: When you talk about application software
you can just say software or programs.

To Start and Quit a Program

Computer Educattion Desktop.png

  • When you turn on a computer, you will see icons on the desktop.
  • Use the mouse to point to a program icon on the desktop.
  • Double-click the program icon to start the program.
  • Click the close button to quit the program.

Saving a File

Programs allow you to save your work. You save your work in a file.
It has your data.
You give it a meaningful file name so you can remember what is in the file.
The computer uses the file name to find the file on the
disk when you want to open it to use it again.


Printing a File

When you are done with your work on a computer, it is fun to share it with others.
Sometime you want to print your work so you have it on paper.
You can print the file you just worked on to show your teacher.



Protect Computers

  1. You cannot eat or drink while you work
    on a compute food or even water can damage a computer.
  2. Be sure your hands are clean before you type on a keyboard.
  3. Hold floppy desks and CDROMs properly.
  4. If you have any problems with a computer, ask your teacher.
  5. Do not put a heavy objects on the computer.
  6. Do not bang or hit the hardware.
  7. Make sure an adult knows when you are working on a computer.
  8. You always should work with programs that are meant for children your age.
  9. If you something on the screen that
    scares you or makes you sad, quit the program and tell your teacher.