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1. What is a Computer?
2. The Parts of a Computer
3.Types of Computers
4.Using a Mouse
5.The Keyboard
6.Level one printout copy

What is a Computer?

Computer Education pict6 ComputerDiff.png

A computer is an electronic machine which can take in data,stores and processed the data, and then Produces information.

data is information such as:
  1. Words
  2. Numbers
  3. Sounds
  4. Pictures


The input is the data that you enter to the computer.


Output is what the computer produces.
Output is information.


A computer uses memory and storage to store data
so you can work with the computer.
You will learn about memory later.


The Parts of a Computer

Hardware is the parts of the computer you can see and touch.
Each piece of hardware is called a device.

Input Device

You use the Input device to enter data into the computer.
You put an input device to enter data into the computer.

Examples of input device.
Mouse Keyboard Microphone Scanner
Computer Education pict7mouse.png
The mouse is a pointing device.

You move the mouse on a mouse pad on your disk to move a pointer on the screen.
You press the mouse button to enter data.
The press is called a click.
You drag,point, click, and double-click the mouse to give commands to the computer.


Output Device

You use the Output device to get
information out of the computer.

Examples of output device
A Monitor A Printer Speakers & Headphone
Shows you information
on a screen.
Prints the information
on paper.
Let you hear information.

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>partsofcomputer.FLV</flvplayer>

Types of computers

  • PC A Personal Computer or PC
    is a computer which is used by people.

Computer Lab.jpg

  • Desk top Personal Computer sits on a desk.
    Examples of personal computers are:
    Windows PCs - Macintosh computers.

2248126093 06c90ef7a0.jpg

  • A laptop or a notebook .


  • Handheld computer is a smeller personal computer
    that fits in your hand it also called PDA.

Using a Mouse

When you first switch your computer and monitor on,your screen might look something like this.
Computer Educattion Desktop.png
The small pictures or images on top of the big picture are called icons .
To get some practice with using your mouse, click on each of your Desktop icons.

  1. Drag
  2. Point
  3. Click
  4. Double-click

A pointer can be:

  1. A line
  2. An arrow
  3. A hand pointer

Steps to use the mouse:

  1. Move the mouse on the mouse pad,the pointer on the screen moves.
  2. Move the mouse toward you over the mouse pad,the mouse pointer moves down.
  3. Move the mouse away from you over the mouse pad,the mouse pointer move up.
  4. Move the mouse to point an icon.
  5. Place your right hand on the mouse put your pointer finger on the left mouse button press quickly then lift your finger up that is a click.
  6. Double-click means two very fast clicks (click click).
  7. Point to an icon press the left mouse button and hold the button
    down move the mouse to drag the icon
    and then lift your finger from the mouse button you
    dragged the icon to a new place.

The Keyboard

Use the keyboard to type letters,
numbers, and symbol keys. The keys are not in ABC order.