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Computer Education pict3 Grade3h.png Grade Three
1. Using Align Icons
2. Using Tab
3. Creating Columns
4. Insert a Table

Using Align Icons

Text can be positioned on the page using the Align icons and tabs.

  • Type the following in a new document:

Words Free as Confetti By Pat Mora Come, words, come in your every color. I'll toss you in storm or breeze. I'll say, say, say you, Taste you sweet as plump plums, bitter as old lemons.

  • Hold and tap A to select it all or click Edit then Select All.
  • Click each Align icon to see new layouts.

Using Tab

  • Start a new document and click and select a size 12.
  • Press the key in the keyboard twice.
  • Type the names of the days, Monday to Friday.
  • Press after each day and press enter to start a new line after Friday.
  • On the next line type the first lesson of each day.
  • Remember to press after each one.
  • On the next line type the second lesson of each day.
  • Press after each one.
  • Do this until you have typed the timetable for each day.

Headers and Footer

The header and footer of a page can be set out differently from the main text.

  • Start a new document.
  • Type your favorite poem.
  • Click Insert in the menu bar then Header and Default.
  • Click
  • Select size 48.
  • Click
  • Type the title of the poem in the header box.
  • Click Insert in the menu bar to add footer.
  • Click
  • Select size 48.
  • Type 'By Francis Scott Key' in the Footer box.
  • The header and footer will show on each page of the document.
  • Click in the middle part of the page.
  • Type the poem.
  • Click the page preview button
  • Or click File then Page Preview to see the whole page.

Creating Columns

Columns can organize lists. Create columns

  • Click Format and select Columns.
  • Click the three columns.
  • Click Ok.
  • Choose text size 18.
  • Type a shopping list.
  • Add the Header type in it Shopping List.
  • Add the Footer type in it Extra.

Insert a Table

  1. Click Insert in the Table menu.
  2. Give it two columns and four rows.
  3. Type Name at the top of the first column.
  4. Type Age at the top of the second column.
  5. Drag across the two headings and click the Bold icon.