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Computer Education pict3 Grade3h.png Grade Three
1. Home Row Keys


2. Steps to get ready for typing
3. Free Online Typing Lessons

Keyboard Lessons

Home Row Keys

Left hand fingertips
a s d f g

Right hand fingertips
H J K L : " |
h j k l ; '' \

Steps to get ready for typing

  1. Sit up straight in your chair.
  2. Curve your fingers and place them on the home row keys on the keyboard.
  3. Place your thumb on the SPACEBAR in the
    long bar at the bottom of the keyboard.
  4. Your little finger presses Enter .
    You press the Enter key to move the insertion point down to the next line.
  5. Practice by typing the characters on the home row in three lines.
    At the end of each line press the enter key.
  6. You press

by reaching with your pointer fingers.

Free Online Typing Lessons

For free online typing lessons click this link
Ask your teacher to help you register
and open the lessons for you
or download Kiran's Typing tutor to your computer from this link
Ask your parents to help you download the lessons in your computer.