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Computer Education Grade1h.png.png Grade Three
1. Spreadsheet
2. Spreadsheets Definitions
3. Opening a Spreadsheet
4. The Cell Address
5. Finding the Cell Address
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Spreadsheet software helps people work with numbers using a computer.
Spreadsheets help answer number questions. Numbers and words are entered in rows and columns.

Spreadsheets Definitions

A column runs up and down the page. Each column is identified by a letter. Column.png
The letters are in ABC order. A row

runs across the page. A spreadsheet has many rows. Rows are in 1, 2 , 3 order. A cell is each box where column and row meet.A1cell.png The active cell has a dark border around it. When you type, what you type appears in the active cell. Numbers are called values. They tell you how much or how many. In a spreadsheet, words are called labels. Labels tell you what the number means.


Opening a Spreadsheet

Open a spreadsheet file that your teacher put on the computer desktop.
This file is named library.
This is a spreadsheet that counts how many books Peter has in his library.
<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Openspreadsheet.FLV</flvplayer>

The steps:

  1. Double-click the Library spreadsheet icon.
  2. The cell with the dark border is called the active cell.
  3. Press Downarrow.png one time. The active cell now is on the next row.
  4. Press Rightarrow.png one time. The active cell now is in the next column.

The Cell Address

Spreadsheets have many rows and many columns.
The cell address tells you where the cell is in the spreadsheet.


Finding the Cell Address

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>findingaddress.FLV</flvplayer>

  1. Find the column that has letter B on the top.
  2. Find the row that has the number 5 on the side.
  3. Use the mouse to click the cell that is in column B in row 5 the address of this cell is B5.
  4. Press Rightarrow.png the active cell now is A5.