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Computer Education Grade1h.png.png Grade Three
1. Multimedia
2.Presentation Definitions
3.Creating a Slide
4.To watch a slide show
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Media can be:

  1. Paint.
  2. Ink.
  3. Paper.
  4. Pictures.
  5. Photographs.
  6. Text.
  7. Words.
  8. Video.

Multi means many.
Computers can display:
video, words, sounds, and images at one time using presentation software.

Presentation Definitions

Presentation software is a program that creates slide shows.


A presentation can have many slides.

Animate pictures or words on a slide. Animate means to make it move.
Video is any movie. Clip art is a group of pictures that come with the software.
Slides can play sound, like a recording of your voice, a noise, or a song.


Creating a Slide

To start the presentation program:

One way <flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>startpprogram.FLV</flvplayer>

  1. Click start
  2. Click all programs
  3. Click the presentation program.

Another way:
Double-click the presentation program icon on the desktop.

To create a Slide

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>createpresentation.FLV</flvplayer>

  1. Start the presentation program on your computer.
  2. Each slide starts out like a blank page.
  3. The toolbars on your screen have many tools that you can use to create slides.
  4. Click to add title placeholder on your screen, click it and then type your name.
  5. Click view slide you started your presentation.

/Listen to the steps comming soon/

To watch a slide show

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>viewslide.FLV</flvplayer>

  1. Double-click the "peterandjane.odp" presentation (A file created by the teacher) icon on your desktop .
  2. The presentation opens.
  3. Click the Slide Show button.
  4. Look at the show. You will see multimedia on the slides.