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Computer Education Grade1h.png.png Grade One
1. Paint and Draw Tools
2. Start Paint
3.Drawing Tools
4.Using Color Box
5.Eraser Tool
6. Using Air Brush Tool
7. Creating Shapes
8. Fill With Color Tool
9. Line Tool
10. Text Tool
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Paint and Draw Tools

To create your own pictures, shapes, or lines using computer
you can use a paint or drawing program.
Drawing program has drawing tools in a toolbox.
Drawing Tools
These tools help you paint and draw using the computer.
You use the mouse to control the tools.

  • Point
  • Click
  • Double-click
  • Drag

White space or cnvas is the blank area on the screen that you use to draw.

Start Paint

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Startpaint.FLV</flvplayer>

Drawing Tools

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Drawtools.FLV</flvplayer>

Using Color Box

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Usingtoolbox.FLV</flvplayer>

Eraser Tool

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>erasertool.FLV</flvplayer>

Using Air Brush Tool

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Airbrushtool.FLV</flvplayer>

Creating Shapes

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Creatingshapes.FLV</flvplayer>

Fill With Color Tool

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>fillwithcolor.FLV</flvplayer>

Line Tool

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Linetool.FLV</flvplayer>

Text Tool

<flvplayer autoplay=false width=500 height=400>Texttool.FLV</flvplayer>