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Grade5h.png Grade Five
1.Spreadsheets Definitions
2. Cells
3. Making borders
4. Changing the Fonts of the Labels
5. Fill with color the cells

Working with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets Definitions

Spreadsheets are programs that organize number data into columns and rows.
Businesses use to track how many hours employees work and the money they earn.
Spreadsheet software helps people calculate number data.
Labels let you know what the numbers and values mean. A column goes up and down the page. A row goes across the page.
A cell is each box where a column and row meet.
Numbers are values. Values are used in calculations to figure out how much or how many.
In a spreadsheet words are text or labels.
Labels tell you what the data in the cells mean.
Spreadsheet uses formulas to calculate results.
Spreadsheets store data in cells. Spreadsheets can do sums and make charts.


  • Open a spreadsheet.


  • Spreadsheets are made up of lots of cells.


  • Select the cells as shown.
  • Change the size to 36.
  • Click the borders icon.Bordericon.png


  • Click all borders
  • Choose a Fill Color.
  • List friends’ names in the first column.
  • In the next column write the number of pets they have.
  • Drag to select all the cells.
  • Click on a graph to who has the most pets.

Making borders

Changing the Fonts of the Labels

Fill with color the cells