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The workshop was organised by Fergusson College, Pune. The Teachers from various parts of India participated in it. The participants prepared some video material. Transript of the Video. Datta: Welcome to Phoenix Apparels. What are you looking for? Gayatri: We're looking for T-shirts. Do you have T-shirts with cartoon prints? Datta: What size would you like? Swati: I think it should be Large. Datta: We don't have cartoon-print T-shirts in the Large size. But we do have a new range of floral prints. Here are some.... Gayatri: I don't want floral prints. But I think Sayali , you can take a look at these. Sayali: This one looks interesting. Do you have this print in purple or in pink? Datta: Yes, in both. Here they are... Sayali: What do you think, Swati? Isn't the pink one a little too bright? Swati: Of course not, it is rather cheerful in fact. It will suit you quite well. Datta: We have a special summer offer. If you buy two floral print T-shirts, you can get one T-shirt free! Sayali: Wow! Sounds great. But what is the price? Datta: Rs. 999 each. Swati: 999? That's too much! Any discount? Gayatri: Of course, you should give us some discount. Datta: Madam, you are already getting a 33% discount when you get one T-shirt free. That is quite a bargain in itself. Should I pack these? Swati: Give us that yellow one as the free gift. Datta: I am sorry, you will have to accept the colour that comes in the pack. Swati and Sayali: Oh, that is not fair. We'll buy them only if we can get the yellow one. Else, we aren't interested. Sorry. Datta: Please wait, madam. I shall check with the manager.

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