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Pulling in external content – flickr, delicious etc From Bazaar Wiki Jump to: navigation, search

   * You might already be creating content elsewhere but want your Elgg eportfolio to aggregate everything you do in one place.
   * If your external content has an RSS feed, you can subscribe to it and optionally post it to your blog.
   * Click on 'Your Resources' and enter the RSS feed of your external resource. Elgg will subscribe to it.
   * You can click on 'View aggregator' to see an aggregated view of all external content you have subscribed to. 

If you want external content you own to automatically appear in your blog as it is created:

   * Ensure you have subscribed to it as described above.
   * Click on 'Your Resources' and then 'Publish to blog'.
   * Find the content you want in the list that appears, check the 'publish to blog' box and agree to the copyright notice that appears.
   * Click 'Update'.
   * When new content is created, it will show up in your Elgg blog.