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The Publishing Unit (PU) is set up to produce the in-house publication of course materials, text books, CDs and other official publications of the Wawasan Open University (WOU). The PU of WOU is committed to publishing educational publications of high standard for its students. The department supports the Educational Technology in terms of producing the course materials developed and maintaining the level of accuracy and quality of all publications. The PU vision is to publish course materials that motivate students and fulfills their needs in achieving their goals.

Inline with the above objectives, PU has divided its scope of functions to seven major areas with job specifications listed as below.


  • Substantive editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Implementation of WOUC house style

Artwork & Design

  • Design publications format and layout
  • Provide illustrations, tables, charts, etc


  • Typesetting
  • Proofing

Printing / Copying

  • Implementing print on demand system
  • Output of examination papers
  • Spervise consistency and quality control
  • Monitoring delivery deadline


  • Obtain/purchase third party copyright
  • Maintain a database of copyright record
  • Ensuring all course materials are copyright free or with permission for print
  • Implementing copyright notice in all WOUC publications to protect our own IPR
  • Underlying all rights and permission regulations


  • Tracking of book inventory
  • Stock control
  • Receiving of goods – books, CDs, etc


  • Packing of course materials for posting or distribution to study centres
  • Monitor delivery system – by road transport

Text Books Purchase

  • Identify text books publishers/suppliers
  • Ensure availability of text books