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Software for Creating Web Pages

There are several different types of software which can help you construct web pages or convert documents to web friendly formats. For example, proprietary software such as Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver can be bought off the shelf at a computer store, or you can pay to download it from the Web. There is also open source software and/or freeware which you can download from the Internet. There are lots of examples of HTML Editor products you can access in the Yahoo Search Directory. If you are really interested in finding out how to create web pages by writing code have a look at the HTML Code tutorials

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Also remember that word processing software e.g. Open Office and Microsoft office usually let you save documents in HTML formats.

Converting Documents

A very common format used for the web is portable document format - how logical is this name? You can download free software e.g. pdf creator or use an online conversion service such as pdf Online. This site also has lots of information about the different kinds of files you can convert to pdf.