Protect health and safety in the workplace/Activities/Employers and employess in the Act

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The following learning activities will enable students to identify and explain legislative rights and responsibilities in relation to workplace health and safety.



Employers have responsibilities under the New Zealand Health and Safety Act to their employees.If you were running a large gardening business you would have to take all practicable steps to insure the safety of your employees.What does "all practicable steps" mean?

List five responsibilities that the employer has to employees.

As the employer of a large gardening business you are required to provide your employees with personal protective clothing and equipment.You have a substantial budget for PPE(personal protective equipment) so make a list of the clothing and equipment you will provide for your employees.

List as many hazards as you can think of in relation to what your employees may encounter when they are involved in garden maintenance work in a public garden.

From the list of hazards you have identified choose five and explain how you would manage these hazards.

As an employer at a large landscaping and garden maintenance business you are to provide supervision and training for your employees;explain how you would manage this expectation. You have allocated a large budget for this important duty so think of every type of training that would benefit your employees and in turn make for a safer place to work.

Under the Act, employers must do everything that is reasonably practicable to make sure that all employees who do work either: have knowledge and experience of relevant similar workplaces, work, equipment, or substances; or are supervised by a person who has that knowledge or experience.As an employer at a large landscaping and garden maintenance business you need to set up game plan to fulfill these expectations;how will you do this?


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