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Web 2.0 Training

This was organised and funded by CTA/COL/RUFORUM. The idea behind this was to build the capacity of lecturers in effectively utilizing facilities on the internet for both professional enhancement and social networking. Academicians 'seem' to have no social life to live yet they are social beings. In as much as they get locked up in their labs and offices, they can still socialise with selected colleagues on line! With this facility we can monitor collaboration.

This web 2.0 training exposed us to wikiEducator, using google documents (googledocs), the blog and Facebook. With the wikiEducator, through a hands on training, we were exposed to how to edit, format and upload text, creating links (both internal and external) and uplaoding pictures among others.

Lessons I have learnt include

  1. The web 2.0 tools can be used by anyone irrespective of background. The use is both in terms of getting information as well as creating or posting information on the web
  2. It is very feasible to develop a proposal with colleagues without necessarily meeting physically
  3. It is possible to engage students on line, as long as the students are exposed to the tools

Below is my action plan on how I plan (Participant Action Plan Approach - PAPA) to take this foward

Prossy's PAPA

Workshop Title: COL/CTA/RUFORUM Web 2.0 Training for Research Support and Networking
Venue: Ridar Hotel, Mukono (Uganda)
Name: Prossy Isubikalu (PhD)
Institution: Makerere University, Faculty of Agriculture
Position: Lecturer
Country: Uganda
What I plan to do after this training course Within 2 Months After 2 Months As Arises
Together with my two colleagues who attended this workshop, we will produce a collective report to the the Head of Department DAEE and Dean Faculty of Agriculture X
Make a presentation on the application of Web 2.0 tools in training, joint proposal development, supervision of students' work, socialising and networking to colleagues in the department X
Make a series of presentations for the benefit of the rest of academic staff in the faculty of agriculture X
Establish Web 2.0 platforms to share information, supervise students' work, develop joing proposals or ideas for research X X
Sort out information that I need to put on-line for open access X X
Expose post graduate students, especially the ones I supervise, to facebook, wikiEducator and Googledocs and how to use them X X
Format and upload selected teaching materials for the courses I teach on the wikiEducator X X