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The following are the objectives for proposal development
  • Be able to identify the main parts of a proposal
  • Be able to put together a standard research proposal

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This is a generally accepted format of a standard proposal:
  • Introduction
  • Meaning and Importance
  • Format
  • Review of Related Literature
  • Method and Procedure
  • Budget
  • Time Frame

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Case Study
These are the main areas dealt with in this lesson:
  1. Chapter Format
    1. Introduction to proposal writing
    2. Types of proposals;project proposal,research proposal
    3. Importance of proposals
    4. Differences between a proposal and a concept paper
    5. Format/Parts of a proposal

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Attempt the folowing task to apply the information learned:
  1. Identify a researchable research problem
  2. Develop a brief proposal based on the identified problem

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Tick against the proposal development checklist to indicate aspects covered in your proposal:
  1. Introduction
    1. Background to the problem
    2. Statement of the problem
    3. The rationale/justification and significance of the study
    4. Purpose and aims of the study/objectives/research questions/hypothesis
    5. Scope of the study
    6. Limitations and delimitations
    7. Definition of terms
  2. Literature Review
    1. Importance of literature review
    2. Conceptual and/or Theoretical framework
    3. Reviewing techniques
    4. Relevance of reviewed literature
    5. Critical Inquiry
  3. Research Design and Methodology
    1. Research design
    2. Population/Target population
    3. Sampling/ sampling frame
    4. Instrumentation
    5. Data collection and analysis
    6. Schedule of activities/logframe
    7. Budget
    8. References
    9. Summary and checklist
    10. Appendices
    11. References
    12. Glossary

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This is a general summary or pointers for writing research proposals:
  • Connect your proposal with the interests and priorities of the funding agency.
  • Be concise and comprehensive.
  • Ensure that the organization of the proposal is clear.
  • Make the proposal easy to skim (highlight important points).
  • Make smooth transitions between each point in the proposal.
  • Use direct language and simple sentences; avoid jargon.
  • Convey liveliness and enthusiasm in your proposal.
  • Outline the specific objectives of the research.
  • State your research questions carefully and concisely.
  • Demonstrate how the research will contribute to new knowledge.
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