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District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) are the district level institutions with four key functions namely, Preservice Teacher Education, Inservice Teacher Education, Research and Evaluation, and Documentation. A newly recruited teacher educator in DIET needs to be inducted into these functions which are not a part of the teacher education curriculum. Each of the States in the southern India are need a training design with inputs/experiences to be provided to the newly recruited teacher educators. It is possible to form a project group of State level functionaries/Senior DIET faculty to articulate a programme of induction and prepare content which would then be forming different modules for the programme.

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  1. Form a discussion group to work on designing the induction programm
  2. Design an induction programme in terms of areas/scope/objectives/alternate modalities/feedback, monitoring and evaluation
  3. Develope learning resources (content/activities/stratagies)in the form of modules on different areas
  4. Develop an implementation plan with roles and responsibilities of trainers, resource demands, monitoring and evaluation protocol, and budgeting

Project Plan

  1. To form a discussion group consisting of state level functionaries/senior DIET faculty who would work together in designing the induction programmein it.
  2. Orientation of the discussion group to the project goals and requirements, possibilities of working together
  3. Identify and finalise areas of induction and their scope and objectives
  4. Explore as a team, alternate modalities of providing inputs, monitoring and evaluation
  5. Develop learning resources as content/activities/strategies on each of the identified areas
  6. Develop an implementation plan with roles and responsibilties of trainers, resource demands,monitoring and evaluation protocol, and budgeting
  7. Develope a programme schedule for implementation
  8. Run a pilot induction programme using the learning resources developed


(approximate time line)
  1. Forming discussion group on the programme-May 2007
  2. Identification and finalisation of the areas/scope/objectives of induction programme-July 2007
  3. Exploring and deciding on alternate modalities-August 2007
  4. Developing learning resources on different areas identified-December 2007
  5. Packaging the learning resources developed as "modules"-March 2008
  6. Developing a training manual consisting of resources,activities,roles and responsibilities,monitoring and evaluation tool design-June 2008
  7. Developing a trainig schedule consisting of the specifics of training including duration and budgeting
  8. Pilot running of the developed induction programm on an identified group of newly recruited teacher educators

Percieved Difficulty

The need to provide content inputs in the regional languages of the states