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  • Development of Training page on WikiEducator with a template.
  • Online interaction and induction of participants for one and half months including need assessment/analysis and sensitizing.
  • Workshop I (for 5 days) initial lead presentations by two resource persons; followed by hands on activities to be undertaken in groups/individually; presentation by Groups/Individual (as the case may be) followed by discussion and interaction, brain-storming technique would also be used to throughout some important issues.
  • Online follow-up support to participants for two and half months: course design, workload, content development and presentation, activities and other assessments through WikiEducator Platform.
  • F2F Review Workshop II (for 5 days) : editing (content, format, language) of SLMs, assessment and evaluation, learning support system.
  • Online follow-up support to participants for 2 months: to finalise the SLMs /Units for printing, designing assignment and other evaluation systems, strengthening learning support services.