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A fruitful activity needs to be converted into actions as mere ideas or dreams are not tangible. They need to be converted into reality. This can happen through projects.Projects are there in all Sectors. Projects can be looked upon as the change efforts of society.Project Management encompasses almost all aspects of our lives. This content is being complied to undestand different poject Management Skills.



Need of Project
Project Cycle
Organisation Stuctues

Types of Projects
Project Management in Information Era

Need for the Project


Project Cycle


Types of Project

Project Management in Information Era

Project Selection

Sources of Projects=

Criteria of Project Selection=

Project Selection Techniques=

SWOT Analysis=

Demand Analysis =

Alternate Analysis =

Problem Analysis =

Objective Analysis =

Project Design=

Stake Holders Analysis=

Goal and Objective Setting =

Project Design Models=

LogFrame =

Proposals for World Bank =

Action Plan Preparation

Resouce Identification =

Time Estimates =

Project Problem Analysis and Tools =

Risk Analysis =

Budgeting and Economic Analysis

Project Costs (Direct & Indirect) =

Estimating Techniques =

Estimating Costs and finalizing Budgets =

Cost Benefit Analysis =

Networking Techniques

Bar Chart

Project Implementation

Formation of Project Team

Role of Project Manager

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Power, influence & Leadership

Monitoring and Review


Negotiation and Delegation

Conflict Resolution

Crisis Management

Project Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Project Closure

Criterion for Project Evaluation

Implementation Completion Report

Lessons learnt

Project Management Softwares