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dragonsinger menu

A place for me to play!





[slideshare id=1923429&doc=nzeiwdcnzctu-090829060506-phpapp02]

what does this do? - ok - i want to box something like this but be able to format too ... hmmm 

ok how about this


//this is a test of this//

Using pre

this is formatted using the <pre> code

using a space

This is preformatted using a space at the beginning of the line

using code from wikispaces

this has some html code within a div - this example doesn't have a heading

This one has some bullet points
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

  • this header 1

  • this is header 2

  1. this is header 3

  2. =this is header 1 using wikitext=
  3. ==this is header 2 using wikitext==
  4. ===this is header 3 using wikitext===
  • this is bold using html
  • this is italic using html

learning, unlearning, relearning

This will display the link with the slash ("/") like this: /Tiger, which may be a bit confusing to some readers.

There are two ways you can fix this. Either

  1. Add an extra slash: [[/Tiger/]] at the end of your link (which "tells" the wiki software not to display the preceding slash) or
  2. create a piped link, for example: [[/Tiger|Tiger]]. This is useful when the page link contains a number of slash arguments, or you want to display a more descriptive title to the user. Both of these methods will result in a link like this:

This is actually a subpage of the current page.


[eL4C29 workshop]

Playing with eXe templates

Icon objectives.jpg
The objectives of this course are:
  • for me to gain more skills in using a wiki
  • for me to develop content for others to use
  • for me to use Open Source software whenever I can and
  • for me to encourage others to use open source as well