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e-Learning Progress

The Content Management System (CMS) Platform, MOODLE, has been configured in one of the servers and is ready for use. There is need to expedite development of content for materials to be deposited in the System. This actual conversion component of the project has been started but progress is very slow.

The IT technical staff have been assisted by experts from Francistown College of Technical and Vocational Education (FCTVE) in the set up of MOODLE in the server environment. During this exercise there was little time for proper training on the platform to facilitate skills transfer for future support of the system. So it is intended that the college organise more intense training sessions facilitated by the FCTVE Technical Assistants to enable these people to be fully conversant with the system.


Mobile learning is also catchimh up with us in the Developing world. With thr proliferation of handheld mobile devises suh as cell phone, a lot of people now have potential access to online sources of information. these also offer education an oportunity to take learning to the people.

Mobile Learning