Programme Outline

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Pre-workshop activities

  • Select some content for developing as an e-learning module
  • Structure this content in terms of objectives, activities, assessment
  • Collect resources for developing this unit as a multimedia content

Workshop Activities (face to face)

  1. E-learning concept and nature
  2. E-content:Standards and learning objects
  3. Text Editing (MS Word and PDF Creator)
  4. Planning for E-content
  5. Instructional Design
  6. Image Editing (Photoshop/GIMP)-Basic Skills
  7. Multimedia (MS-PowerPoint & Macromedia Captivate/Breez)
  8. Multimedia (Flash)
  9. Audio Editing (Audacity)
  10. Wiki (Mediawiki)
  11. Video Editing (Movie Maker)
  12. Other delevery and distribution tools - web conferencing, podcast, Teacher tube, slide share, wiki and Edublog )
  13. Wiki (Mediawiki)
  14. Learner Management System (Moodles)
  15. Open source authoring tools - NVU, eXe

Post workshop Activity (Online)

  • Continue working on the module/e-content to revise it further (in moodle site/ wikieducator)
  • Try out the module with a small target group (through moodle/wikieducator site)
  • Further revision and send the report to the coordinator
  • You are encouraged to convert this into an article for publication with proper acknowledgment