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A rather capital-intensive art-form, Cinema as an investment arena has grown to be an increasingly organized sector across the globe. Based on the empirical data of 100-odd years, the film producing scenario has firmed up its principles of praxis. So much so that it has been possible in the last couple of decades to gainfully bring those principles in a pedagogic framework, giving rise to the setting up of Producing or Production Methodology departments in the major film schools of the world.

SRFTI is fulfilling its promise of starting a full-fledged 3-year tutored course in this new discipline from the Academic year 2012-13.


The objective of the course is to groom students into the art of Producing through the positions of Development Executive, Line Producer, Executive Producer, Producer – turning them into professionals who can generate ideation, develop a project, raise funding, orchestrate production, mount the publicity and market a project at both domestic and overseas distribution and multi-layered exhibition network.


Production Methodology students will be taken through the common course comprising basics of Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Direction, and Production in the 1st Semester.

2nd Semester onward they will be immersed in specialization programmes, leading to term-ending co-ordinated projects that they will Line Produce.

Apart from regular theory & practical sessions, the Specialization curriculum would feature:
- Visiting tutors
- Master classes
- Production tours
- Workshops


• Script development

• Process of Film making : A complete Flowchart of different stages of Production, with detailed study of Pre- Production, Principal Photography & Post Production. Logistics & Financials for all three stages.

• Learning Production. Software ( EP Movie Magic ) for :

- Production Breakdown
- Budgeting
- Scheduling
- Production Accounting

• Publicity planning & Marketing.

• Basics of Distribution mechanics

• Exhibition: Formats & Structure

• Detailed analysis of the role of Producer, Exec. Prod, Line Producer, Production Manager, Production Secretary, Development Executive.

• Business Plan

• Project Pitch

• Contract Drafting

• Co-production.

• Aspects of Business Management relevant to Producing

• History of Producing

• Study of individual producers

• Guilds/Unions/Associations

• Industry Structure.

• Independent Film Producing

• Govt. Funding

• International Funding.

• Intellectual Property Right(IPR) and Copyright Acts.

• Certification/Censorship.

• Structure of Ad Campaign and Producing Advert. Films

• Broadcasting business

• Producing Television Software..

• Structure of General Entertainment TV Channels (GEC)

• Business Models of GECs.

• Mid-term assignments

• Term-ending Projects

• Internships

- Interface with industry in the form of interactions and periodic internships with Studios, Production Houses, Independent Productions, and Television Channels.

In the Specialization semesters, too, Production Methodology students will continue to get exposure to the current global practice in the field of Directing, Cinematography, Audio Recording and Designing, and all other digital post-production work.

To sum up, the Production Methodology course is designed to impart in-depth, updated, hands-on knowledge of the technical, administrative, and business aspects of the film & television medium.