Produce a simple electronic training package for organisation use

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Based on NZQA 18750 People credited with this unit standard are able to plan, produce, test, and document, a simple electronic training package for organisation use.

This unit is used in the following courses

Plan a simple electronic training package for organisation use

  • A brief is formulated that identifies the organisation requirements of the training package in terms of purpose and target users.
  • The brief outlines the specifications (including constraints) required for the training package to realise its purpose.

Range: specifications must include but are not limited to – critical performance factors for the production of the package, training entry level and learning objectives, course content and structure, user interface and design.

  • A plan is developed to realise the brief.

Range includes testing procedures.

Produce the training package in accordance with the brief’s specifications

  • The package includes a statement on package purpose and design specifics.
  • The package meets design specifications, addressing critical performance factors, learning objectives, and user requirements.
  • Information in the package is easily understood by, and coherent and accessible to, target users.
  • Information in the package is accurate, and constructed in accordance with accepted spelling, syntax and other usage conventions, and with normal organisation practice.

Test the computer-based training package for a computer program application

  • Testing follows documented process and the training package is modified, as required, to meet the design brief specifications and to eliminate deficiencies identified through testing.
  • Review of printed material verifies that training package meets design specifications and the learning needs of target audience.

Complete user documentation

  • A simple user document is created for the training package.


  • Candidates are required to design and produce an electronic training package for training users of computer applications.


  • Simple electronic training package refers to simple training material that is delivered using a computer. It is text-based and multimedia enhancements, whilst not excluded, are not required.
  • Organisation describes the context the electronic training is designed to operate in (eg businesses, clubs, schools, not for profit organisations). It does not define or limit the situations in which assessment evidence may be gathered.
  • A brief is defined as a clear description of both the desirable outcomes sought and the constraints to be met by the solution. It contains requirements against which the success or otherwise of the spreadsheets can be evaluated. For the purpose of this

unit standard the brief can be either created as part of the candidate’s employment (in the case of workplace assessment) or in response to a set task.

  • A plan outlines how the requirements of the brief will be realised. For this unit standard, the plan will include pre-task documented components. Depending on the assessment context, the plan may include:
    • key milestone outcomes;
    • how resources such as time, expertise and materials (and finance, if appropriate) will be used to achieve the outcomes of each milestone;
    • how consultation with stakeholders will be carried out to ensure that all constraints and requirements are met.
  • A simple user document is a short description of the purpose of the package, how to access the package and how to use the package.