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Arriving Auckland

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  • Provide quotes and provide information on services for domestic air travel
  • To research flight details and costs for domestic New Zealand air travel and issue e-tickets


  • Complete the scenarios for air travel by issuing e-tickets


Quotation and ticketing for domestic air

You are employed by Best Ever Travel agency, Dunedin IATA no. 45-672-9548

1. Please complete e-ticket for Mr Kevin James who wishes to travel from Auckland to New Plymouth on the first flight on 25 November. He will pay today by cash. Air New Zealand confirms a Smart Saver fare with PNR RM3P7l.

2. Angela Lang (9 yrs) is travelling from Taupo to Christchurch on 07 October closest flight to 11.00am and will return on 19 October on the last available flight. Her mother, Mrs G. Lang, 27 Task Street, Taupo Ph 06 458328 will drop her off at Taupo airport and her grandmother, Mrs A. Lang, 28 Henry Street, Christchurch Ph 03 3872910 will collect her in Christchurch.Please issue e-ticket and Unaccompanied Minor form for Angela.

3. Robert Percival wishes to travel from Christchurch to Dunedin on 13 December and return on 17 December. He needs to be in Dunedin for a meeting at 11.30am and wants the last flight on his return. He will pay by visa 4839 5739 0398 1282 Exp 10/10. Air New Zealand confirms with Flexi Saver fares - PNR LEIS29. Please issue his e-ticket.