Process of weaving a Polynesian custom Basket

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  • Step 1 (Harvesting of pandanas leaves)
  • Step 2 (Drying leaves over the fire)
  • Step 3 (Fine drying over the sunshine)
  • Step 4 (Smoothing the leaves)
  • Step 5 (Dying the leaves with coloured dye)
  • Step 6 (Weaving Process begins)

Harvesting of Padanas Leaves

Go to the bush and look for wild padanas leaves. Cut them properly and makesure you touch them tenderly cos they have thorns on the leaf edges. Also its best to wear long-sleeved shirts that cover your hands to avoid scratches as well.

Drying leaves over the fire

After harvesting the leaves, dry them over a fire. Make sure that the fire has burned down to charcoal so that it dries the leaves slowly.

Fine Drying with the sun

Now lay the leaves in the sun until they are completely dry.