Process of Negotiation

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What is negotiation?

It refers to ability and skills to discuss critical issues in a calm and open way so as to build consensus based on mutual understanding without taking advantage of either side.This provides a way out of difficult situations.It is sometimes hard and frustrating where one is being pressurized to do or take something against his/her will.the teacher should therefore inculcate among the learners the values and skills of negotiation as they deal with day-to-day issues and situations.

What is a process?

This means the steps taken in a sequence to change a non desirable situation to a more desirable one.Under the process of negotiation,we shall look at the following;

  • Identifying the issues of concern
  • Identifying the parties involved
  • Presentation of ideas by concerned parties
  • Consensus building

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By the end of the lesson the learner will be able to;
  • Identify issues of concern for negotiation
  • Identify parties to involve in a negotiation process
  • Describe how to present ideas to the parties for negotiations


Lesson Content

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Self Assessment


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