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Procedures for answering telephones protocol

Most organisations have a greeting to be used by anyone answering a call on the phone. These greetings usually consist of:

  • good morning/afternoon/evening or hello;
  • the name of the business/department;
  • the name of the person taking the call;
  • an offer of help.


Good afternoon, Customer Service Desk, Happy Tours - Philip speaking, how can I help you?

As well as the words that you say, when you answer the phone, the promptness of your reply is also important to your customers. Many organisations have a policy of answering incoming calls within a three of rings to avoid customers being kept waiting.

When you make a call to one of your customers you will know the name of the person that you are calling and the reason for your call so your greeting could include:

  • Good morning/afternoon/evening or hello;
  • A question to check the identity of the person you are speaking to;
  • An introduction, who you are and where you are from;
  • The reason that you have called.

Example: Good afternoon is that Mr Fred? This is Philip from Customer Service Desk, Happy Tours I am calling to let you know that the trip to the museum is confirmed for tomorrow morning.

Complete activity 22 before proceeding further.

Activity 22

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Make a note of the way that you make contact with your customers, in your organisation in each of these situations. If you are not involved in a particular situation in your work, describe what you would do if you were.

(i) A customer, visiting your workplace, approaches you. (ii)You make a telephone call to one of your customers?