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Dear student

Welcome to Session 2 of the syllabus on Optimizing the marketing mix (the 4Ps). These instructions are for your independent study before the course starts. If you have just joined us, you will find copies of the instructions for the previous sessions on the course site.


The Marketing Mix (aka the “4Ps”) is an important business tool used in marketing and by marketers. The marketing mix, originally coined by Neil Borden, can be valuable when determining a product or brand’s offer, and is often associated with the four Ps (originally proposed by professor E. Jerome McCarthy in the 1960s). The 4Ps help determine how marketing can satisfy consumer needs, which tend to change over time.

  1. Work through the learning materials
  2. Complete the learning challenge


Post your questions using WEnotes or PMKT101 forum. Remember to include the url of the page where you are having problems.

As always if you can help a fellow student by answering a question in the forum please do. Students are based anywhere in the world and facilitators are often not in the same time zone.

I hope you enjoy this section.

Your facilitator
Randy Fisher