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NASDAQ stock market
Thinking of the market as a place - "the marketplace" - is a common practice of the general public. Such locations do exist as geographical areas within which trading occurs. In this context, we can think of world markets, international markets, American markets, regions, states, cities, and parts of cities. A shopping center, a block, a portion of a block, and even the site of a single retail store can be called a market.

—John Burnett

The fourth P is Place.

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The Market is a place
  1. Read the this extract from Core Concepts of Marketing by John Burnett: The Market is a Place (p.39) (pdf)
  2. Post a WEnote about the importance of place or location to marketing success, and read what others have posted on the Course Feed page. For example:
    • Place is important because ...
    • In a buyer's market ...
    • The competitive situation in a particular market ...

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