Principles of marketing/1st Meeting

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  • Date: 27 April 2016


  1. Discuss proposed micro course structure (Google doc) - including covered / not covered content from Saylor course.
  2. Review Functions of management learning pathway from Principles of Management course as example.
  3. Review boiler plate wiki text (templates)
  4. Determine next steps

Record of meeting and key decisions

  1. Present: Randy Fisher and Wayne Mackintosh
  2. Agreed course division for the 3 micro-courses
  3. Agreed to progress development of two learning pathways.
  4. Wayne to set up course outline pages for each micro course
  5. Wayne to establish WordPress site for each micro course
  6. Randy to determine learning hour allocation for each of the three micros.
  7. Randy to identify non-covered content in Saylor course (in Google doc)