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Course Metrics

  • Course: One of three micro courses for Principles of management
  • Level: 1st year Bachelor Degree
  • Notional learning hours: 40 hours
  • Duration: 3 weeks, 10 hours per week (depending on prior knowledge in management studies)
  • Assessment: 10 Hours
  • Micro credential option: Digital certificate for assessed learning from Edubits
  • Formal Credit Option:
    • 1 North American credit of a 3-credit course at Thomas Edison State University
    • 4 OERu credits towards 12 OERu transcript credits for the Principles of Management course at Otago Polytechnic
    • Complete three micro-courses and the TECEP examination for 12 OERu credits (i.e. the equivalent of 3 US credits) for the Principles of Management course at Thomas Edison State University.

Note: Some universities may accept transfer credit for this course. You should consult the respective university regulations for specified or unspecified transcript credit.