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Required parameters

  • microcourse: Name of micro-course, eg "Digital literacies for online learning"
  • fullcourse: Name of associated full course, eg. "Learning in a digital age"
  • code: Course code for associated micro-course, eg LiDA101
  • assessmenthomepage: Link to assessment sub-page for micro course in the form of: (must be course site url)
  • microcoursesiteurl: Link in the form of (must be course site url)
  • microcourseannouncementspage: Link to how announcements work on micro course site in the form of:
  • microcourseevaluationurl: Link to transcluded page containing survey link for the respective LiDA micro course: Learning_in_a_digital_age/Links/LiDA_101/Course_evaluation (use underscore to substitute places).
  • certifyparticipationpage: Wiki page link to the certify participation page.
  • stackablemicrospage: Wiki page to the stackable microcredentials page.
  • qualificationoptions: html for unordered list to wiki page links for designated qualifications.

Syntax for transclusion {{:Principles of Management/Links/Assessment announcement template |microcourse=Introduction to Management |Full course=Principles of Management |code=PMAN 101 |certifyparticipationpage=Principles_of_management/PMAN101/Assessment/How_to_certify_participation |assessmenthomepage=Principles_of_management/PMAN101/Assessment/Assessment_overview |stackablemicrospage=Principles_of_management/PMAN101/Assessment/About_stackable_micro-credentials |microcoursesiteurl= |microcourseannouncementspage=Principles_of_management/PMAN101/Announcements |microcourseevaluationurl=Introduction_to_management/Links/PMAN-101/Course_evaluation |qualificationoptions=Principles_of_management/PMAN101/Assessment/Certification_and_qualification_options }}

Dear {{{code}}} participants

We are pleased that you are still with us and have had the opportunity to participate in the learning pathways for {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}). Don't worry if you have fallen a little behind schedule, you will find copies of the instructions for previous sessions on the [[{{{microcourseannouncementspage}}}|course site]].

You are now in a position to think about assessment and certification options to validate your learning. You can prepare an assessment for submission working at your own pace, and submit this when you are ready. As an open course, the materials for [{{{microcoursesiteurl}}} {{{microcourse}}}] ({{{code}}}) will remain open and accessible.

Today we:

  • share what [[{{{assessmenthomepage}}}|certification options]] are available to you and how to achieve them, and
  • invite you to complete a short [{{:{{{microcourseevaluationurl}}}}} course evaluation survey] online.

Thank you for your participation!

Best wishes
The LiDA101 team.

Certificate of participation

Each micro-course has an online knowledge test built into it. A certificate of participation could be useful, for example, to give evidence to a potential or current employer of:

  • your commitment to expanding your knowledge in this area, and
  • a basic level of knowledge of the topic.

If you pass the knowledge test, OERu will provide you with evidence in the form of a digital badge (no charge) or a PDF certificate combined with an electronic badge (NZ$10 contribution to cover administrative costs).

For more information on this option, read the: [[{{{certifyparticipationpage}}}|How to certify participation page]].

Earn a micro-credential through EduBits

You have the option of earning a micro-credential for {{{microcourse}}} from EduBits, an assessment service provided by Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand. Micro-credential assessments are small enough to be manageable for busy people, but big enough to be meaningful to employers. Micro-credentials can also be accumulated, and can then be applied to gain formal academic credit towards an exit qualification.

For more information on this option, read the: [[{{{stackablemicrospage}}}|Stackable micro-credentials page]].

Academic credit towards an exit qualification

You can complete three or four micro-courses and the required assessment to achieve academic credit for the {{{fullcourse}}} course. There are two qualification options:


Please note: There are different assessments depending on the exit qualification you are pursuing.

Course evaluation

Please tell us what you think about {{{microcourse}}} by completing the short [{{:{{{microcourseevaluationurl}}}}} course evaluation survey] online. Your feedback will help OERu in improving our courses so we can widen access to more affordable education opportunities for all.