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Tenses (Present Continuous Tense Lesson 1)



In this lesson, we shall be looking at Tenses ,specifically:Present Simple,Tense,Present continuous,Present perfect, and how they work for the construction of good sentences either in Speaking or writing.

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At the end of this Lesson,the Learners should be able to
  1. use Continuous Present and present perfect tense effectively and efficiently.
  2. Students should be able to differentiate between the above stated two from other Present tenses

Lesson content

Present Continuous Tense:In Enlish language grammar,Present continuous tense shows that an action is going on presently and will Continues in the future.It is also often reffered to as Present Progressive tense. For Example:

  1. Ada is preparing for the final examinations.
  2. They are matching towards the independence Stadium.
  3. Nicholas is helping the Adults to learn a new thing.
  4. They working on the new Curricular wit the use of Information Technology.

The words Preparing, Matching and Helping in the Sentences are main verbs that expresses progression,which shows that already started actions would continue over a period of time.

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In the above lesson,it could be seen that the main verb in the Present continuous tense usually ends with -ing.

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  1. Write five sentences that are in Present Continuous forms.
  2. Underlined the main Verbs in the following sentences.

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  1. Sucess In English By S.M.O.Aka.
  2. Practical English By Tredigo

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