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Apart from health issues, there are a number of safety issues associated with the use of computers.

Adequate earthing

A faulty earthing system can cause electrical shock. A good system will be properly earthed and will incorporate earth-leakage detection. If the system detects a fault that could lead to electrical shock, a switch will trip before any damage can be done.


It is common to see electrical cabling lying on the floor of offices. Apart from the fact that it looks untidy, workers can trip over cabling. Electrical cabling should be installed by electricians so that there is the minimum of open cabling. Electrical power sockets should be installed close to workstations so that there is no need to run cabling across the floor. The cabling between the power point and the computer should be secured using cable ties.

Load on power points

There should be adequate power points for the equipment. Overloaded power sockets are a fire hazard. If there is any sound of sparking in a power socket, the cause should be investigated by a qualified electrician.