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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Exploring reflective practice in teaching
3 - 4 hours
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This activity will help you collate material for your portfolio

Start here

Stimulus: Choose between: Become A Reflective Practitioner A short interview on reflective practice when working with students

or Reflective Practice Blues A tongue in cheek song about reflection for teachers - but it does cover the key points

(both videos on YouTube).

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To help you explore what it means to be a reflective practitioner.

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1. Reflect on the stimulus video.
Consider the following questions
  • What are the key components of reflective practice?
  • How and what does reflection and self evaluation add to your professional role?
2. Talk with colleagues
  • Talk with colleagues and find out if they reflect on their practice. What do they think of the concept?
  • You may choose to reflect on this in your learning journal.
3. Explore the literature
  • Time to explore for yourself and see what others say.
Search for literature relating to your choice from the following names:
If you prefer video clips you could try Youtube clips but you will need to be more discerning about what you are looking for.
  • Donald Schön
  • John Dewey
  • David Kolb
  • Stephen Brookfield
  • Kemmis, Carr & McTaggart
  • David Boud
  • Jennifer Moon
  • Boud, Keogh and Walker
  • David Kember
Alternatively do you own searching around key words such as
  • Reflective practice
  • Reflection and learning
  • Self evaluation and teaching

  • Remember that you can use search engines, online journal databases and library data bases.

4. Reflect on your learning.
  • Record your thoughts so you can look back on these later.
  • What has been new learning for you?
  • What do you now know about reflective practice?
  • Do you see reflective practice as having value for you? if so how?

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Share aspects of your learning with others in the course using the Moodle Discussion forum.
  2. Collate evidence of your learning for your portfolio.
  3. Use the learning from this module to inform the development of your narrative (your practice story) for the portfolio.