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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Exploring Dual Professional Roles
3 - 4 hours
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This activity will help you collate material for your portfolio

Start here

Stimulus: 21st Century Education vs 20th [1] (Video on YouTube). If the soundtrack annoys you, you can watch this one silently or listen to your own music in the background.

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To help you explore what it means to be a tertiary educator in a vocational environment in the 21st Century.

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1. Reflect on the stimulus video.
Consider the following questions
  • What did this suggest about your role as a tertiary educator?
  • Did you relate more closely to the 20th or the 21st century views?
2. Talk with colleagues
  • Talk with colleagues about their experiences of moving from a specialty area in to a teaching role related to that specialty.
  • Think about the similarities and differences to your own experience.
  • Reflect on this in your learning journal.
3. Explore the literature
  • Start looking for some literature around tertiary teaching and your specialty area of practice.
Try search terms such as:
(tertiary teaching) AND (nursing) name your own specialty
(vocational education) AND (electrical) name your own specialty
then add your own search terms
  • Start with search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo or similar.
  • Use library data bases - formally enrolled learners can access The Robertson Library databases
  • What were you able to find?
  • Choose one article and note what were the key points it said about teaching your specialist subject?
4. Reflect on the changes you have found between your specialty role and your current teaching role.
  • Record your thoughts so you can look back on these later.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Share aspects of your learning with others in the course using the Moodle Discussion forum.
  2. Collate evidence of your learning for your portfolio.
  3. Use the learning from this module to inform the development of your narrative (your practice story) for the portfolio.


  1. 21stEducator (2009). 21st Century Education vs. 20th Century Education. Retrieved from