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A Novel Approach to the French Revolution
Curriculum Area History
Topic The French Revolution
Task A Novel Approach to the French Revolution
Age Could range from 12-18. Has worked successfully with students of all abilities within this range.
Complexity 4/5
Concepts Covered Cause, Course, Consequences, Conflict, Revolution,
Terms Genre
Preparation/Materials # Pre-teaching of the French Revolution topic, genre concepts.
  1. Access to A3 size paper, access to images.

Time 3-4 Hours
Adaptation # Options for changing publication style could include ‘rewriting’ the story as a comic, cartoon, animation, short-film.
  1. This style of task could be applied to any topic being taught within History, and could be adapted to other subjects such as English, Geography, Art History.

Page size of work sheets A4
Number of pages in worksheet 4


  1. The students will demonstrate their understanding of the cause, course and consequence of the French Revolution by retelling the event in a creative form that they are able to relate to.
  2. Extend the understanding of the students to relate their knowledge to a new context.


  1. Introduce the topic and task to the students
  2. Demonstrate the activity by retelling the story from a topic of a different context (of which the students can’t use in their task).

Task Number
Task Description
Students describe the cause, course and consequences of the French Revolution by writing a short story retelling the tale by using a different genre and topic example.
Students select a Genre and topic.
Brainstorm of how the French revolution relates to a different genre and topic:

Brief story outline completed and checked by the teacher.
Story written and illustrated.
Stories presented to the class.

Web Resources

French Revolution



Students could complete the task using ComicLife, or creating a series of images with words that are then made into a short movie.