Populating your profile – using similar interests for the demonstration

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   *  Select the Menu option ‘Your Profile’ then ‘Edit this profile’ from the sub-menu 
   *  You will now be presented with a long profile form (Note: this may be customised by the administrator of your installation of ELGG. Users may also be able to define their own fields)
   * I would recommend filling in the following field’s as a minimum: Who am I?, Brief description (keep this short as it will appear in your sidebar), country, interests (comma separated) 
   *  You will see that there is an access level attached to each element, we will come back to this. Just leave it as the default for now.
   * Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save your profile’
   * The last thing to do is attach a picture to your account – this can greatly increase usability of the system as you will see later.
   * Select the sub-menu option ‘Change site picture’ – browse for your ideal picture and click ‘Upload new icon’ 

You should now have some content in your profile and a nice picture of yourself!

Now what?

This first thing you will notice is that some of items you put into your interests field have become links (tags). Clicking on one of these tags will show you others who also put that particular item as an interest – it is a great way to find others with similar interests as yourself.