Polyglot Programming: JVM interoperability

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Polyglot Programming: JVM interoperability
Convenor: Ben Evans, Andres Anlmiray
  • Mike Nielsen
  • Dmitry Vyazelenko
  • Alexander Kasimir
  • Elizabeth Kasimir
  • Sven Reimers
  • Uberto Barbini
  • Ixchel Ruiz
  • Andres Almiray
  • Ben Evans
  • Tomasz Pik
  • John Kostaras

What's Polyglot Programming?

JRuby, Scala, Mirah, Clojure, Visage, Groovy, Javascript, Fantom, Jython

Ola's language pyramid

Using REPLs to perform runtime inspection

Languages born outside the JVM vs born inside

Type systems: Dynamic vs Static

Erlang on the JVM? Erjang - BUT Erlang's memory model is incompatible with Java's

How and where to start PP in a team context?

  • don't write too many DSL
  • start small in a low risk area