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Session 1 - Orientations

Old push mowers. Image by Kim Thomas

Welcome ! This week we'll take an overview look at the unit and the assessment tasks. We will also be going on a field trip to Dunedin's Hottest Attraction!We will be visiting an excellent example of a plant display at *Otago Museum's Discovery World Tropical Forest.The following is a blurb from their on line brochure "Featuring around 1,000 imported tropical butterflies, the Tropical Forest is also home to live tarantulas, turtles, finches and other hot-weather-happy inhabitants. A gardener’s paradise, the rainforest includes wide variety of lush tropical plants including orchids, bromeliads, bananas, coffee, cardamom, passionfruit and more!"

To do

  1. As a group we'll look at the unit and this course schedule and run through the assessment requirements and tasks.
  2. Break into groups of 2-3 and think of a plant display you have seen recently and then brainstorm some aspects of that display that you thought worked well and then look at aspects that did not work for you-(if any).
  3. We will then have a look at some video footage that hortykim shot at The Ellerslie Flower Show March 2009.All the videos will be added to the resources below so you can re visit them for inspiration.
  4. We will then have a look photos of plant displays that students at Otago Polytechnic have created in the past.And then we will discuss the pros and cons of working in a group and how will we go about the challenge of creating a plant display together.
  5. If we have time we will then brainstorm some possible themes for the plant display(s) that you are required to design,set up,maintain and then dismantle.I look forward to viewing your creation and adding your photo diary of your process to the resources on this wiki.
  6. OK-let's hit the museum!

Bonus activities for the gungho!

  1. Help your learning facilitator find useful resources web or print, whatever you think would be helpful resources to add to the existing list.You will have to read widely to find all the information for your assessment and don't forget to read the gardening pages in the ODT or whatever your local paper is. The New Zealand Gardener is also a great resource, for instance, check out issue June 2009 which has ten great eco chic design ideas.
  2. After the session, find an Internet connection and look at the video clips listed below. The videos take you through a bedding display change over which will take you through the special thought and physical work that goes into a public garden plant display. Free access to computers and the Internet is available at Otago Polytechnic Community Learning Centres, as well as any public library in Dunedin.


Below is a list of resources related to this week's activities.

Videos of the bedding plant display changeover 2008

Videos of the 2009 Ellerslie Flower Show