Planning events/Teacher educators New Delhi/Brainstorm

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  1. Strategies/perspectives on learning theories - possible use of discussion boards for learners to reflect
  2. Professional development resources for Continuous and Comprehensive Evalation (CCE)
  3. eLearning - design and practice working with University of Brunei
  4. Philosophy of education through eLearning
  5. Learning2Live - Street Children/Slum Children
  6. Curriculum strategies - pedagogy of different subjects
  7. Constructivist strategies for the Sciences
  8. Activity based learning in the primary classes
  9. Indian Psychology
  10. Designing an Induction Programme for Teacher Educators
  11. School and Community
  12. Innovative ways to learn sciences/physics
  13. e-Leaning on Inclusive Education
  14. How teachers overcome problems
  15. Classroom Practices
  16. Development of Content Specific Material
  17. Sustaining motivation in e-Learning
  18. Developing teacher education for e-Learning
  19. Language content development
  20. Revamping teacher education for e-Learning
  21. Training strategies for teacher education
  22. Principles of Educational Management
  23. Social Context Of Learners' Identities