Picture story 2 Julie et all

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After I am waking up and dress up, I go to the kitchen. I prepare my breakfast with my family and to not be in the fog I take my black coffee and to not be hungry in the morning I eat a lot of bread with nutella or butter moreover orange juice for have energy all the day.


The head counselor scolding a student

While I strolled in the corridors of the high school, I have seen the head counselor who walked towards me. I don't want to go in class and I search in my head an excuse. But she said me: « Why are you late! It's unacceptable » moreover not knowing what to say, I said to her: « Sorry, but my grand mother obliged me to do the housework in my bedroom ».

A student cramming for a test

Oh yes! I know everything for my test! it is so easy to cheat with this teacher. I have written lots of cheat sheet. I hope that my teacher does not spot that I cheat.

A teacher falling off the stage in front of the whiteboard

During the English lesson, Mrs G told us to be quiet, a student laugh and Mrs G ran on the stage! she fell! She was hurt buttocks and she went to the nursery with two student! it was very funny for us but not for Mrs G!

A student falling asleep in class

Once upon a time, there is a wonderful island, with a hammock between two coconut palm. I was in here, I was relaxed when … Mrs G. scolded me to wake up because I was in class!! I am fallen asleep in class because I went to bed very late and I am very tired. My class laughed because I snored but my dream was so beautiful.

A boarding school student eating breakfast

- Uh!! it is again no good! - I agree! Cold milk, normally hot, with bread hard as some stone, and with liquid marmelade. - Uh!! I can not eat this!! It is disgusting! - It is always the same thing! - We eat always the same thing! - It is disgusting at the end! - We are going to rebel!

A starving student buying a chocolate croissant

- Hello! I want a chocolate croissant because I am exhausted!! - ok! 0.60 cents please! - thank you!! uhm!! it is so good to eat when my stomach shouts famine!!

A student doing research in the Library Media Center

it is quiet in the LMC. I am doing research about Moliere. who was he? when was he born? what had he do? I do not know this person. he was a comedian? ok!