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Lessons in the NZ Geography classroom

Year 11 Geography

Describe an extreme natural event and the human response

This achievement standard involves the description of an extreme natural event, from the development through to the completion of the human response.

Assessment against this achievement standard will include a combination of skills, knowledge and geographic ideas. Assessment will be selected from: • processes that produce an extreme natural event • effects of an extreme natural event on the natural environment • effects of an extreme natural event on economic and social activities • how people can prepare for and respond to the effects of an extreme natural event. The demonstration of knowledge of any significant extreme natural event from around the World will meet the requirements of this achievement standard.

Teaching Ideas for this unit

Processes that have produced an Extreme Natural Event

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Writing a collaborative story in Year 11 Geography: Write a collaborative story for a child in primary school on how tropical cyclones are formed and how they affect the natural and cultural environment. You need to add to the wiki to include detail using the case study material from Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Nargis.

Base the story on the child's storybook Winnie the Pooh. It has already been started for you.

Start the story here: story writing

Effects of an Extreme Natural Event on the natural environment

Case studies to be used: Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Cyclone Nargis (2008)

Read the following articles (adapted from Wikipedia) and complete the following tasks - see lesson template:

Hurricane Katrina effects on the land

Cyclone Nargis effects on the land

Lesson template

Describe population patterns, processes and issues

Apply skills and ideas with direction in a geographic context

Carry out and present directed geographic research

Describe a contemporary geographic issue and evaluate courses of action

Describe a global geographic topic

Year 12 Geography

Year 13 Geography