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Test Paper-I(endocrine system)

1. Define the following terms:-

a. Goitre

b. Pars intermedia

c. Type I diabetes

d. Hypophysiotropic hormone

e. Addison's disease

2. Differentiate between:-

a. Diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus

b. Autocrine and paracrind hormones

c. Prolactin and oxytocin

d. Synergistic and antagonistic effect

3. Elaborate the term:-

a. IGF



d. ADH

4. Write short notes on-

a. Mechanism of protein hormone action.

b. Control of Aldosterone secretion.

5. Discuss the formation and release of Thyroid hormones.  

Test Paper-II(reproductive system)

Q. 1. Define- a) Blood-testis barrier

b) primordial germ cells

c) sustentacular cells

d) spermiation

e) graafian follicle

Q.2. Expand-

a) DHT

b) GnRH

Q.3. Differentiate between-

a) primary oocyte and secondary oocyte

b) sertoli cells and leydig cells

c) corpus luteum and corpus albicans

d) stratum functionalis and stratum basilis

Q.4. Write notes on the following-

a) histology of uterus

b) role of accessary sex glands in males.

c) functions of androgen in male .

Q.5. Discuss various phases of female reproductive cycle.

Test Paper-III(Bone)

Q.1. Define-

  • Haversian system
  • osteogenic cells
  • perforating canal
  • tuberculae

Q.2.Differentiate between-

  • compact bone and spongy bone
  • periosteum and endosteum

Q.3.Write a short note on growth of bone.

Q.4. Explain the method of bone formation.