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SPG Options as discussed with Keith Towns and Mark Familton May15th 2008

Option 1: School BOT retains the school house as its administration block area and can then spend the SPG on an additional 67 net square metres attached to the school and remodelling the present school structure. The BOT will then still continue to pay for and administer the upkeep of the office area and will need to use only locally raised money to do so. This would allow an extra teaching/learning area for the school to use but would then mean the ongoing cost of maintaining the school house is retained by the BOT.

This could look like Multi-purpose space with a possible emphasis on being used as an arts area Needs to be welcoming and direct people away from driveway and to and from the office Could be the focal point for waiting parents and children after school It is facing directly into our prevailing wind and rain The present pupil entrance way and cloak bay is inadequate Glassed so children can be observed from the classroom The Arts being – music, dance, drama, visual art Wash/clean up space for brushes and equipment Mirrors and sound proofing to the rest of the school Cupboards and shelves to store instruments, paint, paper, costumes, books etc

Option 2: The school hands back the school house to the MOE and the SPG money can then be spent on upgrading the school and school house. We would not create a multi purpose space as this exceeds our school footprint size. This would allow significant remodelling of all school teaching/learning and administration spaces. The BOT could also use some of its own locally raised money to create further covered deck spaces attached to room 3 and external covered cloak bay space for rooms 1 and 2.

This could look like Room 1 and 2 divider needs to be soundproofed A covered area for the junior class and include a wet play area with tap Removing the present staffroom door and replace with glass and make a through way along deck Do we need a separate teacher work area Sun light to office space Entry in and out of office especially back door steps. Remodelling of the office rooms into storage and work space

Using BOT, Friends of Warrington School, community grants and 5YA money Outside stage area Court re-surfacing Netting around court area Rebound wall for sports External cloak bay area for rooms 1 and 2

Option 3 Is there any alternative to either above??????

The next step is to appoint a project manager for both this current job, the extra identified jobs and to manage our 5YA money. We will appoint a project manager once we have decided upon an option from above and using MOE Forms 1 – Conflict of Interest 2 – Registration of interest # Request for proposal

Mark and I talked about the need to consult wider than own BOT as this will impact on future BOTs and we also need to wait until Eric is back from Australia in 2 weeks time.