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Open School Court

Rational behind the court upgrade

-The Warrington School playing court is cracked and chipped and in need of resurfacing.

-Pebbles from the play equipment safety surface track onto the court area.

-Balls are lost from the surface area into hedges and behind buildings.

-The bank at one end slips continually small amounts of clay onto the court.

-A grassed slope leads into a dank gutter clogged with grass clippings.


-Resurface the school tennis court with the most suitable surface for meeting our school community's needs.

-Build a rebound wall at the end where the clay bank slips onto the court.

-Place fences and meshing in strategic places to retain balls

-Make seating steps and an outside stage with electrical outlet on the grassy bank.

-Cover the safety pebbles with bark chip.


  • Discussions with the staff, Board of Trustees, Friends Of Warrington School, sports interested parents and pupils about court ideas.
  • Discussions with sports Otago representatives.
  • Need to inform community of intentions via newsletter.