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Phase One - What a tsunami is

  •  You will learn to define tsunami, describe how it occurs and identify warning signs, man-made and natural.

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Survival Agent

As an expert on preparing for tsunami, you will first need to know what they are, how they work, and how to identify them.

*class mode: Phase One Video*
First, watch the video animation below that demonstrates some different types of tsunami and what is happening inside them.

While you watch, think about what is happening inside and outside the tsunami: what causes it and how is this knowledge important for you as a Survival Agent?

****Video animation of tsunami, depicting actions and reactions internal and external to the tsunami*****

Now examine the following diagrams and information to see what happens in a tsunami below the water line.

*class mode: Phase One Diagrams*

Use what you have learnt from the video to complete the next activity (you can look back at the video at any time to double check information for the next activity).


  • I don’t know – I’m just filling in the blank here, we can change this later*

Make a chart that uses categories to present some of the important information you have learnt about tsunami and how they occur.
You can use any type of chart to present this information.

Some examples include *we can link these*, a Venn diagram, a bubble map, a table, a series of drawings...

Make sure you leave some space in the chart to add in more information that you find out later.