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Observe image by altemark CC BY


To make initial observations of an existing ecosystem, and to maintain an observation check list that will inform permaculture design decisions. This observation guide and check list should be generic enough for use in any environment or system including 'non-natural' systems or processes that may benefit from permacultural perspective.

Observation guide

  • 1+1=3, or so the saying goes. If we look at one thing, and look at it in relation to another, we don't only have 2 things, but we have a 3rd thing coming from their combination.

Observation check list

Use this check list to maintain observations after the initial observation.

  • Observe with all your senses makes random notes on what you notice.
  • Pay attention to boundary areas
  • What are the temperatures, winds, types of living organisms, elements anything you can notice about the space.
  • Do the same again in your project area.
  • Do this regularly and keep detailed notes in a diary form.

Might need to refine these some...

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