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This site has been prepared with the public in mind. It has been designed to help people become informed on the issue of peak oil. You may have stumbled across the topic, perhaps through a website [1] that starts off with the words: Civilisation as we know it is coming to an end soon, which has prompted you to find out whether or not to take that seriously.

This site aims to help you do just that. It does not seek to persuade you one way or the other. However, it does recognize that there is a potential for huge changes to our lifestyle to occur in the near future, whether that be next year or twenty years in the future, and that it it is important for everyone to be aware of what's in the wind.

Peak Oil in context

Here peak oil will become seen as one of a number of related issues. This section will create a context, therefore. The reader will become able to judge how soon the problem might manifest, to what degree, and in what it is possible to do to prepare.

Peak Oil primer

The reader is guided to a range of sources that define and describe the problem of peak oil. It is important to realize that 'running out of oil' is not actually the issue.

Related environmental issues

Global warming

Water supply

AIDS and other diseases


History of the energy industries

Political factors

Well of understanding

Here the reader will be brought to a further and deeper understanding. The most useful and informative websites will be listed, a list of books will be provided, as well as a number of films and documentaries.

Important websites

Recommended reading

Documentaries to view

Deciding on a personal response

Arguments for and against

Alternative energies

USA and other countries


A who's-who

This will basically be a list of the main experts, authors and personalities who have written about or spoken on the topic of peak oil. It shall be wide and representative. A range of opinion givers will be listed. This will allow the reader quickly to find good material, as well as judge the value of the information s/he finds.

Join an Internet forum

Find a local group

Practically speaking

Living sustainably

Developing skills

Keep abreast

Check Google news for 'peak oil' daily